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Features » Speed up your productivity up to 72%
  » No more looking thru code to find a function
  » Hints for your Classes
  » Hints for Standard DLL Objects
  » Hints for Functions, Procedures and Constants
  » Dynamic and transparent updating

» Speed up your productivity up to 72%

Haven't you always wanted Dreamweaver to provide you with intellisense like Microsoft's Visual Studio?
Well now it's available.
Star Point Star's Intellihints provides both the comfort of Dreamweaver's WYSIWYG features, designing interface, and Visual Studio's powerful dynamic code view and intellisense within this very powerful Dreamweaver Extension.

Code writting was always a hassle in Dreamweaver, especially with include files, you forget what functions you or your colleagues wrote and what their arguments were. You forget what classes you've written and what they do.
Now that hassle is over, Intellihints can help you remember all your functions, function arguments and classes in a click of a button.
  » No more looking thru code to find a function  
Time spent looking through millions of code lines, searching for that function that does that certain thing can be spent finishing the full web project.
Now all you have to do is press ctrl + space and all the code is available for you to select from.
You write a new function that was not available before, you save your file and directly it is added to the code hints drop list.
Someone else wrote a class in your included files, it directly shows up in your code hints drop down list.
Remove all that wasted time spent looking for those functions, classes and procedures in a few seconds.
  » Hints for your Classes  
All the classes that are found in the current asp file, or include files are directly parsed and supplied in the code hints drop down list. All their methods, subs and constants show up also once the dot is keyed in.

This will inherently help you speed up the process of developing your custom classes and the pages that use them in an easy intuitive environment.

  » Hints for Standard DLL Objects  
There is also the problems related to generic objects, or activex objects created within your ASP pages. In Dreamweaver it was impossible to find out how to use them or what functionality they provide. We always had to rely on samples or user guides on the Components themselves.
Now with Intellihints you are given instant code hints for each object you create, to ease the process of using those objects.

Intellihints not only shows you the methods and properties of those objects, but provides even more advanced features like function arguments and type of arguments.

  » Hints for Functions, Procedures and Constants  
All the functions written in your asp file and include files are also automatically added to your Intellihints code hints.
What you need to do is simple, just press Ctrl + Space and you're on your way.

These functions are added exactly like they are written, directly from your asp files and into your Intellihints drop down list, with their arguments just like Microsoft Visual Studio.

  » Dynamic and transparent updating  
All asp code is parsed from your files directly. All minor changes are automatically updated within the code hints transparently without bothering the developer or having to do it manually. Once the file is saved, all updates are directly added and your Intellihints instantly show those updates with no time loss.

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